Sunday, December 19, 2010


Been forgetting to post here after all hah
So here we go! Here's some of the things that I've done since the last post.

For a digital trio assignment we had to make our own photoshop brush. Was testing out the first one I made on this old sketch of Medic.... didn't like it too well though. Bottom pic is what the brushes I made look like (yeah got carried away and made more than one, try to figure out which one I made using my name hahah.)

Digital trio photoshop colouring assignment. I actually really like how the jeans came out.

 In class assignment for Comics class. We had to pick two random markers and make a short comic using just those two colours.
 Art trade pic I made for Rani at Mangabullet. Her OC Cooper.

Illustrator assignment from Digital Trio

Random lil Woody doodle

Coloured pages to a short comic I made for Comic class.

Another that I coloured in Photoshop for Digital trio class.

Aaaaand one more Digital trio piece.

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