Friday, June 4, 2010

TF2 Sketch dumping

I need to remember to keep up with this blog ahhh.
Here's a hella lot of TF2 sketches.
I finally got off my ass and scanned in my previous sketchbook so yeah.

Quickly coloured of of the sketches below
Darn pikeys musta taken his shirt :1 How dare they

Another quick colouring of one of the sketches below
Random 5 second background derp.

Random Sniper and Medic doodle

Bunch-a random TF2 doodles

Heavy and Medic

Scout, his mum, his bromate Pyro, and some YEAH TOAST Engie and Solly

Lil Scout on a swingset and random Sniper with his Jarate

-Medic with broken medipack that I drew when I was Medic at AnimuBoston cuz mine was falling apart sob.
-Little Medic.
-Sniper wearing one of my favorite shirts that says "No need to run, you'll only die tired."
-Sniper playin a didge
-Spy mime and gondola rower Spy...

Bad things happen when I try to colour traditionally

Heavies and Scouts

I'll never be able to draw Scoutmomma right :(

Sniper and Spy

Medic medic medic

Another Sniper

Aaaand to make this post not all TF2 crap

Art trade with Kreuz @Mangabullet
Her character Maccha

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