Sunday, April 18, 2010


I should've been doing homework.
But I wasn't.
I was Pchatting all Friday and Saturday instead.
So have these spam.

Jack Spicerrrrr yes. Left side is the sketch (durr.)

Sniper and Demoman bromance or faggotry, whatever you want. Didn't get to finish it due to lazyness and PChat's graphics connection dying out on me FFFFFfffff.

Quick Voltaire doodle derp.

Collab with Deers :) She drew sexy Scout Mama, I drew that horrible big headed Spy hurr.

As it says.... Zombie Prostitute. Yup.

Another collab. Bonez drew the Scout, I drew the Spy and coloured Scout.
(Can’t really see Scout’s lines though since I colour over them.)

Yeah this wasn't in PChat, just a lil scribble I drew for my friend, Deers :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Art trade with Avverix

Progress shots I took while working on a quick art trade for someone on MangaBullet. She asked for her character Ziva Da'vi.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Old art dump post time

Alright, I'll share a bit of my stuff now I guess. Just grabbing some things off my Tumblr.

This one was a quicky I did. First time with Painter, trying things out.

Alright, enough of those

Here's some school assignments I've had.

This one isn't mine, we had to pick someone else's character and dramatically redesign them. Here's my version of this character:

Then we had to drastically redesign one of our own characters, I chose my Jester character:

^Took that pic before I finished it, shhh

Those last 3 were from when we had to pick a movie and storyboard a scene from it, I chose the opening scene of Akira.... I have bigger pics of it so you can actually see each panel but linking them is proving to be stupidly difficult.... so when I'm not too lazy again, I'll repost those, derp.

And here'z some from last semester's anatomy class

And lastly just for the heck of it, here have these 3 progress shots of a fake screen cap I made for the lulz some time ago. Yep it's TF2 related, forgive me :(

This spam must be miles long.....sorry